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Who is Blades and Bling / Sterling Silver Fashion?

 Blades and Bling is a family owned and operated business founded in 2000.

Blades and Bling (The Miller Extended Family)
 We started out at an outdoor flea market on weekends as a way to teach our kids
 good work ethic and have family bonding time.    
 We live in the Arizona desert so we'd sit at our booth and  bake during the day and
 then huddle under blankets at night.   
 Originally we chose jewelry as it was so much fun to sell, then we added knives and
 airsoft guns so that men would have something to do while the ladies shopped our rings
 and necklace collection.
 Soon we discovered that selling jewelry is like delivering flowers:
 almost everyone is happy to see you and they love to share their stories! 
 There is nothing more exciting than being a secret part of people's lives like weddings,
 birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and christenings, holiday seasons, and more.  

 We hope you'll continue to choose our family to share in your special occasions!

 The Miller Family at Blades and Bling



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