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Need an Amazing Jewelry Photo Background? Try Snow!

While the rest of you are taking a well needed break the weekend after the New Year, I'm trudging through a foot of snow to bring you new sterling silver rings.  You're welcome!

When we first started this journey enough years ago that I'm too tired to count (foot of snow trudge, remember?) I was terrible at photos.  I invested hundreds of hours and dollars trying to make my lackluster and poorly lit ring photos look like professional product shots.  It was a wreck.

Luckily technology has improved even if I haven't.  And today, I discovered the ultimate backdrop: pure white long as you can keep your ring from sinking, lol. 

When using snow for jewelry photography background beware of sinking!

So please enjoy our brand new yellow gold and rose gold 2 carat solitaire engagement rings because these photos had a lot of mud and sweat involved :)

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